What I Do

I design and build clean, functional websites that your customers can easily navigate. Your website will look great all while working for you.

Design &

Why responsive? Because today we use our smartphones more than ever. Over 50% of the traffic on the web comes from a smartphone. So, your website needs to look great and work on any device. Let’s face it, they’re convenient, always with us and unlike a desktop, it fits in our pocket. I aim to make it easy for your customers to see your site. Whether your customer pulls out their phone or opens their laptop to go to your website, it will not only look great but work like a charm. You’ll also receive (a):


Search Engine Optimization. SEO. SEO?!? It’s a buzz word nowadays but it is important. At a basic level, Search Engine Optimization helps us gain visibility. This visibility can gain more traffic to your website, which leads to more customers. Web design & development and SEO go hand and hand. Creating a website has evolved from being a few pictures and text. Now, your website serves as a tool, some would even consider it a hub, and that tool’s job is to work for you. I focus on making sure your website works for you. I do this by optimizing for search engines from the start. I don’t give guarantees, I simply give you the best technical foundation possible. I specialize in:


Sometimes you want to make a change. Add a new image, offer a new product, or change some text. Sometimes your website needs updates, whether it be cores, theme, or plugins. Sometimes websites get hacked and need to be secured. You may just have a technical question and need an answer. No matter your needs, I provide a hands-off, worry-free maintenance & support solution so that you can focus on your business. Task include:

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What You Can Expect

The Process

Meet & Plan

You talk about your amazing business, and we'll listen. This session gives us all the details we need to design a solution for your business.

Design & Mockup

I'll take all those ideas & create a design based on the plan, your preferences & project needs. Then I'll mock it up so you can see it before we make it real.


Now it's time to make it real. Your website is created based off the approved design and mockup.


Let's make sure it works. Your website is tested on major browsers, devices, and platforms. I test for functionality and speed.


A little training never hurt. Prior to launch, I'll train you on how to navigate & administer your site.


Congrats! Your website is live.

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